"Ah, it's your mother"

I remember how my first boyfriend became confused at one point about why I had changed my behavior after a few dates. (My mom had found out about us.) I remember his expression clearly, when he said: "Ah, it's your mother."
Still very grateful he didn't put the blame on me as I was 4 years younger than him.
Still had a lot of choices on my path to make. Towards her behavior, or away from it.
He also didn't respond to my sexual advances. I'm so grateful for it.
Even though it may have been because he was simply an intelligent guy and didn't want any legal trouble, lol.
Even though I fell on some really shitty behaviour & mutually abusive relationships over time.
My gut did seek out people that gave me affirmation and helped me along the road out of the f.o.g.

I know what's good for me.
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