yesterday i had a talk with a colleague
it was about arms, weapons, tools, means to defend one self

i have a weird thing going
i live in a country where you have the right to defend your life with equal means
this means if some one attacks you, you have the right to counter attack in order to defend
your body and life with equal means.
but the one who attacks you is a criminal, otherwise there would not be an attack
so there is the problem
owning a gun here or carrying one, or a knife or a tool otherwise equal to a criminals tool
is prohibited.

his reaction was that if you do have a gun or other tools like that, you were to use them
my point is that if every one was able and carrying, a criminal would think twice due to that use

i have friends who were held up at gun point
raped and threatened with knives and guns
and only one or two of them and i know a lot of people
managed to get the better deal out of it.
meaning they were able to take the upper hand in the situation
this was only due to their training and ability,
tools with proper training provide ability and thus better chances of less criminal behavior.

thus in effect our government here is responsible for the criminality
by disarming the people. taking away the means to defend one self
or one has to behave like a criminal when attacked because they carry something illegal
and they do get punished for that fore sight by the government.

so in thinking this through.
i think my government is an accomplice in rape murder and armed robbery
just to name a few
because they won't allow us to defend our selfs by not giving us the right to equal means.
then how are we supposed to defend our selfs ?
this is a thought i have had for years
and it bugs me every single day
when i hear or read the news
or friends
i know that nearly one third of the women at the age of 25 has been confronted with sexual assault
that could have been much less if they were able to carry tools and means to defend them selfs.
that is a cold hard statistic here.

if you are free, you have the means to remain free.

please remember that.
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