a dog can not serve two masters

and that goes for humans just as well

you can have a set of rules but when they get complicated rules will always find ways to conflict
which rule to follow when they conflict ?

people want to be categorized, they label them selfs with religious affiliations and political and state organization with ease.
all of those have rules, and all of those conflict.

then there are those who mix ideology and religion and state.

people FAIL to see that you can not do those things and be taken seriously,
how can you be a god fearing religious person and at the same time adhere to certain or any political and state ideology, because state and political conflict with religious ideology simply because state and politics break several rules, the most obvious one would be "thou shall not steal".
so any religious politician is a dog who serves two masters and will be in conflict with his masters,
that can never be beneficial for eighter of the masters.

back in the Renaissance there seemed to be some realization of this, but alas it miserably failed.

then there is that other rule of rules.
"thou shall not kill"
any form of government is there because there is a threat of force, deadly force if need be.

then there is the KILLING of personal natural sovereignty by making them legal persons.
this creates the situation that a person is to be judged as a legal entity not a natural person.
although the rules of noah state there should be a court, it did not state anything about changing definitions of humans and institutions where the human became unnatural (ungodly if you will) and that institutions commercial, religious, state or otherwise become equal to humans, because they are legal persons,
the thing is that a non living breathing entity can not be killed, will not bleed and does not feel pain.
i bet noah or god did not want this to happen....
so much for the all knowing god....

here you see the simple idea that a dog can not serve two masters, and yet most think they are well above that level and can do such feat.
they never spend a thought in their lives thinking about the complications of life and paper life.

when you get to politics and state form then it is just as stupid.
rules apply when within a certain area, outside there are other rules,
when you move from one place to an other rules change and so they do when you move within social political circles, rules suddenly don't apply when it concerns officials or dignitaries
and when that is the case, they stole or placed privilege thus placing or removing threat of force for one or the other.
but then you can not say that you have a constitution, because those are general rules.
if you have a rule like "thou shall not kill" in a constitution, then any threat of force by government is a violation because in many cases you can not know the outcome of the use of force,
then you have that rule and yet they have an army or military, how can that be ?
in a democratic society, how ever shallow, even the communist ussr was democratic, when there is a government who uses threat of force to collect taxes "steal" not unlike a heist or armed robbery, since we here live in a constitutional monarchy (simply said it is ruled by monarch as stated in the constitution which the monarch wrote or accepted) and well monarchs are not much more than glorified mobsters who stole the most in a distant past.
many people say they are democrats or republican or liberal, but how can they be that here when they adhere and swear to the king and his rules to fill a position in the political government arena ?
those ideologies are contrary to monarchist rule.
it is all a play, show, FAKE because they will and can't change the rules only the monarch can by the rules set in the constitution.
and then you have political parties who adhere to some religious ideology,
that is a contradiction if not oxymoron because there is nothing in the rules laid out by any god about creating government.
and if i am wrong about that, please enlighten me with the text where GOD gave that permission or set that rule.
and don't come with romans 13 because that was not the word of christ but a fantasy of a follower
nor did it come from the ten commandments or the rules of noah.
then there might be an eastern religion or Hindu Buddhist text, but then i can simply say those are not religions per-se because the Hindu religion is so overly complicated by latter kings and rules that it can not be taken as the word of a god or deity and Buddhist text are not religious, they are a guide to living in harmony.

then you have the religious zealots
rule by the old ways of religious ideology.
where the rule is that any non believer should be converted or killed.
great shit that is.
and even today we find those here,
people who want a government to fight a religious ideology
last time this was frowned upon was when hitler wanted to get rid of the jews
now the jews want to get rid of palestinians
western christians want to get rid of muslims who want their own zealot state.
but where is the outrage ?
if you count the dead on any side and add them up, it is horrific
but then again, i have seen one picture of a kid killed in a bombing and just one kid dead in his fathers arms is horrific. (and there are those who want to justify it !)

read any book and read it whole, and killing is the rule, not the exception or accidental occurrence.
and then i wonder, how can any one be for a religion or state or political form when all they do is support the killing of the one who thinks opposite.

human culture when guided by politics and religions have seldom been peaceful,
this is because they FEAR !
having set their own responsibility aside and let their believes run free they are unable to think clearly because they have no self control no self determination, because the group controls that for them and takes that responsibility away and punishes when you do take responsibility.

right now there is a fight in the ukrain
the west backs Kiev and fights the ethnic russians who live in the whole country but generally in the eastern part of ukrain.
the government of ukrain is now made up out of people who are not even ukrainians and some are openly nazi or fascist, some have a criminal record and are even wanted by interpol.
but the west supports them, while the east who wants to separate from the ukrain because the ethnic russians were not allowed to speak russian any more and not able to teach and pray in russian, next to that were rules that made them second class citizens, lower wages and less influence in politics.
we as the west WANTED THAT ! and still support that,
we support the killing of innocence out of our fears, and what we fear the most, nazi's and fascists, we support because other fears like that of the russian bear coming to get us are propagated in the media.
this is not because we want to support nazi's or fascists or want to kill russians, but because we BELIEVE our government and authorities do what is best for us.
and you who believe in government and religious influence outside the house have abused my stolen taxes for the furtherance of WARS against people I DO NOT WANT TO SEE DEAD !
yet most out there don't give a shit,
if the killing is far away and done by my or their money, who cares, no killings here so no war RIGHT ?
for all those religious nuts out there, god will not look upon you with his loving eyes because you wasted his gift of self determination !
i can curse at god all i want, and i can say what he thinks all i want, because for the love of god, most of you ARE TO IGNORANT AND WILLFULLY IGNORANT to know god and his rules, or his demonstrations of how to live !
and i might be the nut,
but i know this,
i can see eye to eye with god when my time comes and i will not bow, because i can reason, rather than believe.
i really do think god is dead,
why else would he hide in heaven !
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