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the pen is mightier than the sword

but the sword is there to enforce the words the pen wrote !

a lack of understanding often takes place,
like this saying of old,
one has to know that orders and laws and rules are spoken and written,
and enforced not by the pen, but by arms.
here comes the true nature of the saying,
because most think it is about freedom of speech and pacifist ideology but it is
how you cast your vote, where you can chose between pre- selected options.
it is how laws are written and give the idea of justification.
the pen is like the snakes tongue or worse that of the politician and the will full ignorant

it was only because of democratic elections and millions of votes that created NAZI germany
it were written LIES that created the war in vietnam
it was an order to invade that caused the WAR in afghanistan,
it was the pen that DID NOT WRITE the truth which created AL BAGDADI
and it was the pen that wrote the order to attack the USS LIBERTY
and it was the spoken and written order to HALT all efforts to rescue the survivors of the USS LIBERTY

a pen is often far more lethal than the actual weapon.
one pen can create millions to suffer, while one gun has about 10.000 rounds on one barrel.
the pen can write a kilometer of law and regulations and orders that will cripple many millions more
while that gun needs to be serviced and taken care of in order for it to work properly.

when a law is written like back in the day of the rise of the nazi's which ordered the jews to wear stars
it was enforced by violence ! but it was never the violence that wrote the law, nor the weapons, nor those executing the orders, in fact it was those who believed in a power system and PAPER AND PEN REALITY

history is full of those stokes of the PEN that KILL
not because of the pen, but because people BELIEVE and TRUST and FOLLOW what is written and spoken
without question and THAT KILLS !

just like the idea that pacifist behavior is what brings peace.
it does not, it only creates more killings.
Ghandi was one who used no violence, but WITHOUT the violence of the brittish empire and the religious turmoil in india Ghandi would not be known and probably would have become a lawyer who could have inflicted a lot of hurt was it not that he came to think for him self.
but thinking he did it without violence is thinking tea is made with a bunch of leafs and water and ignoring the needed temperature.

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