What you mean to me

What you mean to me,
is what nobody ever will be.
You're my sweetie, my sugar, my love, my heart
baby I'll love you forever, I knew it from the start.

Being at your side for ever is like living a dream,
cause me & u are the perfect team.
No challenge too big, no mountain too high,
honey know that you're the reason why...
I feel like I'm living in the sky.

For me, you're the definition of the word 'love',
girl you must be a gift from above,
Cause there's something about you,
that makes me feel fantastic from head to toe
And when I'm not around you
I can't stand how much I miss you so.

You're the one for me,
I know for sure.
Cause every time I'm feeling sad
you're my cure.

The way you are,
is the reason I rhyme.
Knowing that you're the
one-shot-opportunity of my lifetime.

Telling you how much I care,
is what I wanted to do...
But these words don't even come close
to tell how much I love you!
You have my heart!

02 mei 2012 - meld ongepast verhaal
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