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so the current situation is that I have a girlfriend but very recently fell in love with another beautiful female creature. Although I love my current girlfriend I am not IN love the way I should be to make this work. I've given this a lot of thought to figure out what I want and need and it is all clear now. Unfortunately this means someone is going to get hurt...

but to make this clear for you guys I'll sum up some of the thoughts and I'll explain why my current girlfriend and I will not work long term.

1) My current girlfriend and I share 2 of my biggest hobby's which is Astronomy and survival but other then that there is not much to talk about.

2) She has Autism and although her having Autism is not an issue..., the issue is to keep this going takes a lot of effort and with my current work I simply don't have the energy. Because being a session drummer and working for one of the biggest cymbal brands in the world (Meinl) takes a lot of time and energy and I need that energy to be on point every time I play when and where ever. And I didnt mention the 5 hour practice sessions a day 7 days a week and besides that I have 8 hour band practice sessions a week divided over 2 days. so as you can understand I have a very busy life.

3) she's 21 and studying and she's not looking for stability nor she's willing to move in together which tells me our life phases are very different since what I want is what they say in Dutch (huisje boompje beestje)

And the other woman I recently fell in love with actually CAN give me all that. Also When I am with this woman everything falls in place and seems effortless as if its meant to be and when I am with her I honestly forget the world around me and all what matters is us. Also she gives me the feeling that I matter and loves / likes me for who I am and doesn't see me as a trophy but likes me for me.

Anyway some of you will probably think (how the hell can you do this?) well..., I didn't cheat and we just meet as friends but it's very clear we love each other and we want to be a couple.

Thanks for reading and I hope there will be some tips how to deal with this respectful and proper

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