Today was actually one of the best days of my life although it was very simple ^^

Today me and my girlfriend watched the "Sail event" in the center of Leiden and lunched together at a restaurant next to the water. After that we went to Noordwijk to the beach and walked for more than an hour straight along the coast line dipped our feet in the sea for some cooling because it was hot as hell haha and when we walked back to a restaurant on the beach I almost tripped because I stept on a blue jellyfish nahnah
After we had dinner we went in to the dunes, walked for a bit and then sad down to watch the full moon eclipse, which we didn't see in the beginning because it was very cloudy but we talked for hours about a lot of stuf which was really awesome because i honestly love a good conversation. Wen we decided to walk back to the bus the moon came through beautifully and we watched the rest of the eclipse and went home.

Now it's time to sleep so I bid you all a good night verliefd
28 jul 2018 - meld ongepast verhaal
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