Wat is er gebeurt? Zo gestressed

I feel really terrible. Yes, I already had a lot of stress but yesterday there was a worry.

One of my best friends had an argument at home yesterday. He got angry. He hit the table and his mother freaked out completely.

She started breaking his stuff. As a reflex he pushed his mother away from his things and she fell against a closet. Then she shouted that he had beaten her... which he hadn't... his father and brother were ready to beat him up...

And then... A

And then.. I don't hear anything anymore...
I did Sent him a lot of things but got nothing back. I left a message:'' When he was asleep Het could let him know when het woke up that he was okay. So I could relax and sleep.

I saw that he was awake, but he didn't say anything to me. I don't know if I said something wrong or if he really has a problem and maybe he was beaten up or kicked out of the house after all. I am so worried...

Haven't slept half the night...
11 jul 2019 - meld ongepast verhaal
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