Ashen Memories

My love,

The sands of time seem to run through the hourglass ever so slowly when your presence is absent from my touch. I fear the day that I never again shall be able to feel your fingertips caressing the skin that imprisons the bone and sinew that I so willingly surrender to you.
I cannot recall the last time I basked in the presence of your beauty, but you are always with me when the morning sun awakens the first of its flowers. In the depths of dreams where I lay awakened you remain at my side still. It is your song on which my heartstrings harmonize, the echo of what once was guides me.

Your name, so clearly engraved on my tongue, it's syllables all dance like the pebbles from a rose caressed by the winds when I speak it. The melody as if a song of love and the essence more pure than a child's laughter. A cinder burns in my heart that can never be extinguished. A fiery flame that allows me to journey on until the end of time where brave young men will die and the old speak of there youth. Among them I'll be on a journey in search of angel wings who kindled the rain.
We'll meet again and we'll ride through the meadow on every spring morning, I will hold you through winters coldest night, I will protect you when evil floods the land and dares to even threaten the ground on wich you walk. When you breath your last it'll be mine as well.
My angel, I am but a wolf without its fur in your absence but my claws will ensure the way through this lunar eclipse. Sword nor arrow shall break my will to survive, for if I survive I shall be with you and knowing this grants me hope. Hope that one day our lips shall seal once again. Between ever sunrise and sunset I will endure, none other shall lay claim to this heart of mine for it is already given.

Eternally yours,

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