Entwined Romance

18+ verhaal

Sweet little girl you've been bad
Time for your punishment, into my bed
My leash on your neck, you will obey
I'll add some rope and make sure you stay

Feel my claws go down on you tummy
Moan for me, it makes you so yummy
My tongue and theeth digging in your skin
Scream all you whant when you drip of my chin

When I'm done caressing your lips
Feel me moving up and over the hips
Making you beg again and again
To your God of lust, thank you amen

When your obedient I'll losen the knots
Next time remember I'm calling the shots
Once more I want you to scream in my shrine
Feel your nails scratch blood out my spine

Tired and sweaty I kiss ever so tender
My beautiful angel to whom I'll surrender
This little game, one way to end it right
Whispering; I love you, as I hold you tight

11 jul 2015 - bewerkt op 11 jul 2015 - meld ongepast verhaal
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