Melt our chains

And my skin suffered the air
Screams of madness in there
Souls in a vortex rapidly moving
Walking the path after their choosing

But in the midst am I
Standing still, wondering why?
Be the chess player and move on
Or be played and used as a pawn

Forever alone I thought I’d be
Forever trapped where no one can see
Forever cowering beneath their dust
Forever to witness the face I disgust

One night between chaos and sorrow
I found her body and invited to follow
She held my hand, I whispered in her ear
You were never alone, I was always near

I screamed at the winds; LET US BE!
Release these bindings of agony!
She is lightning and I am thunder!
Now on you'll obey us and encumber!

Your chains will no longer hold you back
There will be light were you once saw black
Now stand up my beauty and let us run
When you tire I'll carry you towards the sun

And from there we journeyed on
Moving from dusk till dawn
Facing our future and breaking our past
Reclaiming the life we should have had

They'll hate us, because we'll make them afraid
Forced to circle around us when we move straight
Their souls surrounding us like insects they swarm
But I'll always be with you in the eye of the storm
16 jul 2015 - meld ongepast verhaal
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