Everlasting Love

Within there rabithole
I dropped me down unclaimed
Without wings to cherish
I fell in earth ashamed

Layed me down on shards
Bleeding a broken dream
Ever so cold without my fur
My soul was never to redeem

You found me there between the bugs
strengthend and ripped out my heart
Black feathers would carry you
As her hands whe're covered in blood

Unfamiliar memories showed the way
Paved in flesh the road was long
But my fingers ignored my hands
No mather what, I carried on

I fought and riped apart
So you might be free at last
'Twas prolonging still
your enemys they where vast

the end

Our story was long fortold
and sorrows winds might still be casting
We shall journey on this path together
For we know that this love is everlasting
19 jul 2015 - meld ongepast verhaal
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