You’re special to me

The feeling of losing you feels like fading lights, as if the stars are dying. Time collapsing, the universe would seaze to exist.
Scared that I’m a bother, driving you away. I don’t know but I can’t control the feeling. The feeling of you slipping away.

Knowing you is a great gift, growing old with you a even greater one. So a eternity with you would be the greatest gift of all. Together always and forever.
You pick me up when I fall and stand by my side in times of need. A strong and amazing woman you are indeed.

So let me return the favour and make a vow. I will never leave you and stand by your side. Through good and through bad YOU will be my pride
My soulmate and partner in crime, please can I get a bucket now for all this slime?
Yes I’m making a joke but actually I’m dead serious, maybe a little crazy but not delirious.

I will support you, advise you and/or listen but know I’ll always be there for you. I’ll take care of you, love and respect you. Keep you safe and protect you from foes seen and unseen.
You are my love, my light, my queen.
11 aug 2020 - meld ongepast verhaal
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