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DON’t believe in fairies and pixies, it is quite likely you have been brought up in one of the 3 Abrahamic faiths as Jewish, Christian or Muslim?

As it happens RIDA was brought up Christian when he was 15.... And one of the Reasons he gave it up was this! I had already worked out when I was about 9 that if I’d been born to Viking parents I’d firmly believe in Odin & Thor?

If I’d been born in Ancient GREECE I’d worship Zeus & Aphrodite! In modern times, if I’d been born in Pakistan or AeGYPT I’d believe that “Jesus“ was a prophet only, nòt thé Sòn of God as the christian priests usually teach.

If I’d been born to Jewish patents I’d still be walking around waiting for Thé Messiah, the long-promised saviour, instead of believing that a certain Jesus was the Messiah as my Christian schools taught.

People growing up in different countries in general copy their parents and think they believe in the god or gods (and so on) of their own country....

These beliefs contradict each other, so they can’t àll be rìght?! And doesn’t more or less the same thing count in the case of male & female (or somewhere ‘inbetween’), the colors of our skin, eyes, hair, size & sexual ‘experiences’, mental, physical & social health, beauty, cleverness, sickness & lots of changes....?

If one of them is right, why should it be the belief that you happen to have inherited in the country where you were born? You don’t have to be very sarcastic to think something like this: ‘Isn’t it remarkable that almost every child follows the same religion as their parents, and it always happens to be the right cosy religion!’
One òf my pet peeves is the habit of labeling very young children with the religion of their own parents: ‘Catholic child’, ‘Protestant child’, ‘Muslim child’.
phrases can be heard used of children too young to talk, let alone to have religious opinions.

It seems to me as absurd as talking about a ‘Socialist child’ or ‘Conservative child’, & nobody would use a phrase like that?
I don’t think we should still talk about ‘atheïst children’ either.
All kids are born differently as far as sex, color, size, intelligence & beauty are concerned!
So what’s wrong with having an open mind?
The most special trait of humans is that we are the ‘same’ while being alble to be or become ‘totally’ different in body, mind, race, culture & religion:
let it be!
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