38942RiDa’s outgrowings: I don’t believe in YaHWeH


But it’s quite likely you do, if you were brought up a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim!?

The Jewish “g d” was adopted by the Christians and (under the Arabic name, Allah) the Muslims?!

Christianity & Islam are offshoots of an ancient Jewish (ABC) religion. Thus the First Part of the Christian
Bible is purely Jewish, and the Muslim Holy Book, their Quran, is partly derived from Jewish scriptures...

Those three religions, Judaism, Christianity & Islam, are often grouped together as the ‘Abrahamic’ religi-ons, because all three tracé back to the mythical patriarch (see Assur, Babylon, Chaldea & Egyptians) Av
Ram (‘rahim’), who is also revered as the founder of the Jewish (Hebrew) people! We’ll meet him again...

All those three religions are called monotheistic because their members claim to believe in only one god?

I say ‘claim to’ for various reasons. YaHWeH, today’s dominant ‘G d’ started out (they say) in a small way as the tribal G d of the ancient Israelites who, they believed, looked after them as his (her/its) “chosen” people! (It’s a historical accident - the adoption of Christianity as the Roman Empire’s official religion by the Emperor Constantine in AD 312 - that led to YaHWeH’s being worshipped around the world today.)...

Neighboring tribes had their own gods who, théy believed, gave thèm special kinds of protection......
And although the Israelites worshipped their own tribal God YaHWeH,
originally they didn’t necessarily disbelieve in the gods of rival tribes, such as Baal, the fertility god of the Canaanites;
they just thought YaHWeH was, after all, more powerful - & also extremely jealous:
woe betide you if hé caught yóu more or less flirting with any of the other gods.
And now, after so many millennia, we call them instead “companies or governments, cultures, traditions, strange sects, political parties, State Symbols“, heroic armies and so on via newspapers, radio, tv, modern media and their fantastic shows of perfected explosive powers
& allknowing ‘superscientists’?

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