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ZO NU ÈN DAN, tussen neus & lippen, kop & kont,
kippen & hanen! In die zin heeft ‘t ook veel wèg van de jaarlijkse kalenderhappenings
tussen nieuwjaarsdag & de daarop volgende oudejaarsdag, de babies, de bejaarden, de sinterklazen
èn schoorsteenvegende pietjes, de wereldwijde speeltuin & èn ‘t varenveld!!!! De Zevende Dag, Pasen, Pinksteren, Verzoendagen, Loof-hutten, Lichtfeesten, Poeriem &
al wat boeit?!
to 22nd Tishri (Sept./Oct.) ~ Originally it was the third of the Harvest Festivals,
when the fruit offerings were brought tot the Temple. It is the only one which is still observed
primarily as a Harvest Festival... ~ Ceremonial observance ~ CONGREGANTS BRING FRUIT
TO THE SYNAGOGUE WHERE A SUKKAH (Or BOOTH) is erected. The ceiling of this booth is made
of interlocking twigs & greenery open to the sky and from it
hang various types of fruit!
The Congregation adjourn
into this Booth for KIDDUSH after the Services during this festival!
This Booth, while reminding us of the need to thank “G D” for all abundant gifts of Nature, also reminds us of the impermanence of Life & òf Our NEED to place
our trust in ‘G d’...
the Booth reminds us
how the ancient Israelites dwelt in Booths
as they travelled through the desert, as well as recalling how in later times they lived in Tents
when they crowded into Yerusjalayim to observe this Festival. Usually, in the Synagogue service
a LULAV (consisting of palm, myrtle & willow leaves) is held together with an ETROG (citron)
& thus shaken in all directions
of the compass!
Since these are
the most common types of fruit & plants
in Israël they were taken to symbolize
Nature, & the waving indicated
that G d cares for
all people all
over the
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