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& JUNG's writings ànd the 1,000-pages-long
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)!

Yet these are nòt holy scriptures! The DSM diagnoses the ailments of life, nòt the meaning of life?
Most psychologists believe that only human feelings are authorized to determine the true meaning of human
actions! Hence no matter what the therapist thinks about the patient's affair, & no matter what Freud, Jung &
the DSM think about affairs in general, the therapist should not fòrce views on the patient! Instead, the
therapy should help to examine the most secret chambers of our heart? Thére & ònly thére wìll we find our
answers! Whereas medieval priests had a hotline to God & could distinguish for ùs between good & evil, our
modern therapists merely help us get in touch with our ówn ìnner féélings?!! Thìs pàrtly explains the changing
fortunes of the Institution of Marriage? In the Middle Ages marriage was considered a sacrament ordained by
God, & God also authorized a father to marry off his children according to his wishes and interests! An extra-
marital affair was consequently a brazen rebellion against both divine & parental authority. It was seen as a
mortal sin, no matter what the lovers felt & thought about it. Today people marry for something called love,
& it is their personal feelings that give value to this human bònd? Hence, if the very same feelings that once
drove you into the arms of one man drove you into tha arms of another, what's wrong with thàt? If an extra-
marital affair provides an outlet for emotional & sexual desires that are not satisfied
by your spouse of twenty years, & if your new lover ìs kìnd, passionate
ànd sensitive to yóur right nééds -
why nòt enjòy ÌT?

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