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IN A GREAT COSMIC PLAN THAT GIVES MEANING TO LIFE? Yet when you examine the deal closely,
you'll find a cunning escape clause! If humans somehow manage to find meaning without predicating
it upon some great cosmic plan, this is not considered a breach of contract. This escape clause has been
THE SALVATION of modern society, for it is impossible to sustain order without meaning. The great political,
artistic & religious project of modernity has been to find a meaning to life that is nòt rooted in some strange
faked imaginary fantastically great cosmic plan! Wé áre nòt anymore some actors in a divine drama: nobody
cares any lònger about ùs ànd óur dééds, so nobody sets limits to our power - but we áre stìll convinced our
lives háve méaning! As of 2016, humankind has indeed managed to have it both ways. Not only do we
possess far more power thàn èver befóre, but, against all expectations, God's death dìd nòt léad
to social collapse? Throughout history prophets & philosophers have argued that if humans
stopped believing in a great cosmic plàn, àll láw ànd òrder wóuld vanish!
Yet today, those who pose the greatest threat to global law & order
áre precisely thóse péople who continue to believe in God & Hìs àll-encompassing plàns?!
God-fearing Syria ìs a fàr móre violent place than the secular Netherlands!? Ìf there ìs nó còsmic plàn,
& wé áre nòt committed tó any Devine or Natural Laws, whàt prévènts social collapse? How come you CÀN travel
for thousands of ki-lometres, from Amsterdam (Adam's Great Mokum) to Bucharest or from New Orleans
to Montreal, without being kidnapped by Arab slave-traders, ambushed by American outlaws or killed
by feuding African-Asian tribes? Ouwe Mor heeft daarbij in zijn achterhoofd natuurlijk kampen
als Erika/Erica, Vledder/Westerbork & Vught, Bibiaans Netanyahu Israel,
Urdunia, Har Megiddo, Masada, Shamir, Petra, Yericho, Damascus
enzo etceterara... Drie@Woensdagmiddag 13 december '44,
Moederdag zondag 13 mei '45
& z'n 75 jaar...

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