35858Ynhhd254 And What About The Poor? Why Aren't


Ìf and WHÈN the deluge comes,
they will bear the full cost of it! However,
they will also be the first to bear the cost of economic stagnation!
In a capitalist world the lives of the poor improve only when the economy grows?
Hence they are unlikely to support any steps to reduce future ecological threats that are based on slowing
down present-day economic growth. Protecting the environment is a very nice idea, but those who cannot
pay their rent are worried about their overdraft far more than about melting ice caps?! Jùst Another Rats
Race? Even if we continue running fast enough and manage to fend off both economic & ecological melt-
down, the race itself creates huge problems! For the individual it results in high levels of stress & tension.
After centuries of economic growth and scientific progress, life should have finally become a bit calm and
more peaceful, at least in the most advanced countries? Ìf our ancestors knew what tools and resources
stand ready at our command, they would have surmised that wé must be enjoying celestial tranquility,
free of àll cares & worries?! But the truth ìs very different! Despite all our achievements, wé féél a constant
pressure to do ànd produce even more?! So we blame ourselves, our boss, the mortgage, the government,
the school system!? But it's nòt réally théir fáult! It's the modern deal, that we all signed up for on the day
we were born! In the premodern world, people were akin to lowly clerks in a socialist bureaucracy? They
punched their cards & then waited for somebody else to do something? But in a modern world we humans
run the business, so we are under constant pressure day and night.
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