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35832 YuNoHaHoDe 244 Take, for example, a software

working for some hi-tech start-up?
One day her elderly father has a stroke!
He now needs help with shopping, cooking & even bathing...
She could move her father to her own house, leave for work later in the morning,
come back earlier in the evening and take care of her father personally. Both her income ànd the start-up's
productivity would suffer, but her father would enjoy the care of a respectful and loving daughter?
Alternatively, the engineer could hire a Mexican carer who, for $12 per hour, would live with her father and
provide for all his needs! Thàt would mean business as usual for the engineer & her start-up, and even the
carer & the Mexican economy would benefit! What should the engineer do? Free-market capitalism has a firm
answer! Ìf economic growth demands that we loosen family bonds, encourage people to live away from their
parents, and ìmpòrt carers from the other side of the world - só bé ìt! This answer, however, involves an
ethical judgment rather than a factual statement? When some people specialise in software engineering
while others devote their time to care of the elderly, we can no doubt produce more software & give old
people more professional care! Yet is economic growth more important than family bonds?
By presuming to make such ethical judgments, free-market capitalism has
crossed the border from the land of science into
that of religion!