I met this girl who holds her pain as if it's glass
Who's gotten so used to carrying it
She's convinced that without it her light won't pass
With so much to carry
With bruises on her shoulder
She saves being happy for some day when she's older
I met this girl
But she wouldn't fully let me inside
Because when love becomes something to seek
You learn it's less painful to hide
Because this girl
I am learning for a long time lived in lack
So even when love was wrong
She still always took them back
Because something is better, no?
Than nothing at all
But is love really love
When they're the one pushing you to fall?
As this girl got older
She promised to be more
Because this scarcity mindset wasn't protecting her anymore
But the girl I had met lingered within her still
Her pain turned into a pitcher other cups used to fill
So this girl became empty
She was never taught to say no
Because when nothing ever stays
You let everything go
I met this girl who holds her pain as if it's glass
Constantly being told that the feeling will one day pass
But one day she's frustrated and she's never been one to yell
She starts crying so hard
Guess what fell..
The pieces all shatter
The shame and the guilt
She tries to pick them up
But they don't pair well with the life she's built
That's when I met this girl
Wounded on the floor
And I saw her pick herself up and say
"I don't wanna carry this anymore"
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