Feeling lost has always been a huge part of my life and after all this time I still don't understand why... When something happends, good or bad, I always feel lost and feel like something is missing. When people around me are happy I am happy for them but inside I feel like crap to name one of those moments.

It's not a secret I dislike this world in this time and moment we live in and I don't like a lot of people. But knowing there is no solution for all this should make it "better" and push you towards the phase of acceptance right? Well non of that... And to be honest..., it gets worse everyday.

Unfortunately..., like I said above, " this has always been a huge part of my life" so it's not something that happened overnight but more like in 28 years... So how long untill this drives me crazy and pushes me to the limit of my emotions? I'm already getting "help" again so don't worry...

But I'm tired -.-

Good night...
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