Hopes and Screams

Left a this old forgotten tree
I have none but you, to comfort me
I lay me down at your feet in rest
If time stood still now, I'd be blessed

As you take me out for a walk
Leaves fall and sun sets into dark
Drag your fur through all of this madness
This is my home; my forest of sadness

Be my guidance through rays of light
When fear overcomes this creature of night
But when the sun sets and your feeling cold
Know that in my arms it's you I'd hold

Perhaps this once just a wish or dream
And I am truly to suffer their sadistic regime
Left and forgotten at this ever-growing tree
The leash grows tighter, suffocating me

I guess my wishes will never come true
but what's the point [.. . .... .. .... ...]?

29 dec 2014 - meld ongepast verhaal
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