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But we don’t believe in them. And until somebody offers a reason to believe,
we are wasting our time bothering to do so. That is the approach we all take to Thor & Apollo
& Ra & Marduk & Mithras & the Great Juju up the Mountain! Couldn’t we go a little further & think also the same way about YaHWeH or Allah?

[Or the great Richard Dawkins & any other ‘superscientist’?]

‘Until somebody offers a reason,’ I said. Well, plenty of people have offered what they thought were reasons for believing in one god (‘antigod’) or another. Or for believing in Some Kind of un-named ‘higher power’ or ‘creative intelligence’ [or commercial bedwetting betterknower]!

So we need to look at those reasons & see whether they really are good reasons?

We’ll see some of them passing by in the course of myDi...

Yes or nobody, whatever folk like to push through throats & ship on boats! Evolution in action?

On that huge subject, all I (RD) need say at present is that evolution is a definite fact: we are cousins of
chimps & bonobos, slightly more distant cousins of monkeys, very much more distant cousins of fish and so on. Many people seem to like to believe in their .’god’ because of scripture: the Bible, the Quran or some other holy book or bestsellers?! The foregoing entries might already have prepared you to doubt that reason for belief!?

There are so many very different faiths!

How do yóu knów this or that holy book you have been brought up with ìs thé (more or less) trúe òne?

And if all the others are wrong,
what does make you think yóur holy book isn’t wrong too?

Many of us reading all of this may have been brought up on one particular holy book,
the so-called bible of the Christians.

Anyway, let’s talk about it every now and then!

Who wrote it, & what reason has anyone to believe
that what it says ìs “TRUE”?

Funny writers!
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