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(which Hindus themselves say are just different versions of one single god)?!
If the Greeks, Romans & Vikings were polytheistic, then Roman Catholics are too!?
Roman Catholics also pray to all kinds of individual saints: dead people who are regarded
as especially holy, and have been ‘canonized’ by a Pope. Pope John Paul II canonized 483 new saints, and Francis, the current Holy Father, canonized no fewer than 813 on one day alone. Many of these are thought to have special skills, which make thèm worth praying to for particular groups of people. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of fishmongers, Saint Bernward the patron saint of architects, Saint Drogo the patron saint of coffee-house owners, Saint Gummarus of lumberjacks, Lidwina of ice-skaters and so on...
If you need to pray for patience, a catholic might advise you to pray Rita Cascia. If your faith is shaky, try John of the Cross. If ìn distress or mental anguish, Dymphna might be your best bet. Cancer sufferers try Peregrine. If you’ve lost your keys, Antony is your man.
And then there are also still the angels, who do come in various ranks, from seraphs at the top, down through archangels to your personal guardian RC angel?
And again, Roman Catholics will try to deny that angels are gods or demigods, & will protest that they don’t really pray to saints but ask them to put in a good word with “God”!
Muslims, too, believe in angels.
Or in demons, which they call djinns.
I don’t think it matters much whether angels are kinds of Gods or Demigods or whether Holy Mary & Her Saints are neither!
Arguing over whether angels are demigods rather is
like arguing whether fairies are the same as pixies.
No wonder trillions of Mad
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All RTL~minds......
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