38944 hello/goodbye to so many lots of gods & pods

(Mother/Daughter/Instinct, BROTHER/Sister/Lover, Holy This & That so & so?)
comfortably described as “three in one & one in three”. Exactly what all of this means
has been disputed, often violently, down the centuries! It sounds like a formula
for squeezing polytheism into monotheism. Problemizes, nòt solves....!
You could be forgiven for calling it tri-theism? The early split in Christian history
between the Eastern or Orthodox & Western or Roman Catholic Church was largely caused
by some disputes over the following Questions: Does the Holy Ghost ‘proceed from’
(whatever that míght mean) the Father ÀND the Son, or just from the Father?
And what about the so-called Mother òf God, holy virgins & strange holy laws...?!
That really seems the kind of thing many theologians spend their time ‘thinking about’!?
And then there’s Jesus’s MOTHER MARY. For Roman Catholics,
Mary was a goddess in all but name?!
They deny that a goddess she is, but they still pray to her
& lots of other saints & holy Things!?
They believe she was also. ‘immaculately conceived’!
What does thàt mean?
Well, Catholics believe we are all “BORN IN SIN”.........
Even Tiny Babies who, you might think, are a bit young to sin.
Anyway, Catholics think Mary (like Jesus) was an exception.
All the rest of us inhibit the sin of Adam (dam adom from adama), the First Man. And in fact,
Adam never actually existed, so he couldn’t sin?!
But catholic theologians aren’t put of by little de-tails like that, or ‘pedosexuality’, blessing wars, weapons, heroes & strange machinations. Catholics also believe that their MARY,
instead of dying like the rest of us, was sucked bodily ‘ÙP” into heaven: portray her
as thé ‘Queen òf Heaven’ (sometimes even “QUEEN ÒF THE UNIVERSE”!)
with a little coronacrown balanced on top of her Roman Head?
It’s a bloody mess!
All we can do is go back to our roots:
what did all these prophets & priests mean to say
& what caused Yehosjoea to say
& dó what hé meant
hé hàd to......?!
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