38943RicDaw: the Monotheism òf Modern Christians &

For example, some say they believe in
an evil ‘devil’ called Satan (Christianity) or Shaytan (Islam)!
He goes under a variety of other names too, such as Beëlzebub,
The Lord òf the Flies, Old Nick, The Evil One, the Adversary, Belial, Lucifer and so on?!
They wouldn’t call him a god, but regard him as also having ‘god-like’ powers & he is seen,
with his so-called Forces òf Evil, as waging an eternal titanic war against the good forces of “G d”!?
Religions often inherit ideas from older religions...
The notion of a cosmic war of good versus evil thus probably comes from Zoroastrianism, an early religion founded by the Persian Zoroaster, which influenced the Abrahamic religions.
Zoroastrianism was a Two-Gods religion, the good god (Ahura Mazda) battling it out with the evil god (Angra Mainyu). There are still a few Zoroastrians about, especially in India.

That’s yet another religion Rich Dawkins doesn’t believe in & probably most myDi’
erwtjes don’t either.
One of the weirder accusations leveled at atheists, especially in the America’s and Islamic countries, is that they worship Satan?
Of course, atheists don’t believe in evil gods any more than they believe in good ones.
They don’t believe in anything supernatural.
Only religious people believe in Satan!
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