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{CHRISTENDOM/islam/Hinduism/Buddhism and so on?} Let’s see!
There is no “catechism” in Judaism, and very few dogmas: being a “democratic religion”
its beliefs have often been developed in the light of progressive revelation and a constant
searching after TRUTH. There have always been different schools of thought in Judaism which
have legitimately been described as “the words of the living God/spirit”. However, most Jews would
be united in subscribing to the following basic concepts: BELIEF IN THE EXISTENCE OF THE ONE AND ONLY INDIVISIBLE SPIRITUAL GOD;
it is not possible for our limited human minds to understand or to describe “G D” completely,
but we believe that it/he/she was thé Creator of the Universe, & that men & women are co-workers
with ‘her/him’ in the creation of peace, love, & brother/sisterhood among human kind.

we believe that is why the ‘biblical Adam’ {ADOM=rood, & adama=aarde} wàs nòt associated
with any particular national or religious grouping, and this is also why the messianic ‘Idea(l)’ in Judaism looks forward to the time when all mankind wìll be united in their ‘godly’ allegiance!

The belief that a child/male/female has been created in “G DS IMAGE”.
By this we mean that man is a spiritual being & therefore has received certain inalienable rights
which must not be subordinated to the interests of any human institution. We believe that the MISSION OF A JEW thus is to create the Kingdom òf G d on earth as it was/is/Will Be (YESH) ìn heaven
& the consequent Brotherhood òf man, by living as a priestly people, ànd by our example to bring a knowledge of ‘g d’ to all the peoples of this world. In short: Judaism stresses ETHICAL LIVING rather than theological dogma ~ DÉÉD rather than CREED!
Because of this we believe that “the righteous of all people do have a share in the world to come”?! Thus we also tend to believe that man can commune with G d through prayer/meditation/song as it takes the form of a dialogue ~ we speak to G d, & G d speaks to us.
We do, alas, not always listen to G d.
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