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When we want to know who should rule the country, what foreign policy to adopt
and what economic steps to take, we don't look for the answers in scriptures (anymore)?
Nor do we still obey the commands of a Pope or the Council of Nobel Laureates! Rather, in most countries,
we hold democratic elections & ask people what théy thìnk about the matter at hand! We believe that the
voter knows bèst, ànd that the free choices of individuals áre thé ùltmate political authority? Yet how does
the voter know whàt to choose? Theoretically at least, the voter is supposed to consult his or her innermost
feelings & follow their lead! It's not always easy: in order to get in touch with my feelings, I need to filter out
the empty propaganda slogans, the endless lies of ruthless politicians, the distracting nonsensical noise created
by cunning spin doctors, & the learned opinions of hired pundits?!! I need to ignore all this racket & attend only
to my authentic inner voice!? And then my authentic inner voice whispers in my ear 'VOTE CAMERON' or 'VOTE
MODI' or 'VOTE CLINTON' or whomever, and I put a cross against that name on a ballot paper - and that's how
we know who should rule the country. In the Middle Ages this would have been considered the height of foolish-
ness! The fleeting feelings of ignorant commoners were hardly a sound basis for important political decisions....
When England was torn apart by the Wars of Roses, nobody thought to end the conflict by having a national re-
ferendum, in which every bumpkin & wench would cast a vote for either Lancaster òr York. Similarly, when Pope
Urban II launched the First Crusade in 1095, he didn't claim it was the people's will? It was God's will! Political
authority came down from heaven - it didn't rise up from the hearts and minds of mortal humans........

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