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We cannot ignore the feelings of the other concerned parties!? That (wo)man & her/his lover might feel wonderful in each other's arms but if their respective spouses find out about it, everybody probably wìll féél awful for quite some time?! And if it leads to a divorce, their children might carry the emotional scars for decades... ÉVEN ìf the affair ìs nèver discovered, concealing it could involve a lot of tension, and may lead to growing feelings of alienation and resentment!? The most interesting discussions in humanist ethics are concerning situations of extramarital affairs, when human feelings dó còllide?! What hàppens when the same action causes one person to feel góód and another to feel bàd? How dó wé weigh these feelings against each other? Do the good feelings of the two lovers out-weigh the bad feelings of their spouses and children? It doesn't matter what you think about this particular question. It is far more important to understand the kind of arguments both sides employ! Modern people have differing ideas about extramarital affairs, but no matter what their stance, they tend to justify it in the name of human feelings rather than in the name of holy scriptures & divine com-mandments. Humanism has taught us that something can be bad only if it causes somebody to feel bad. Murder is wrong not because some god once said, 'Thou shalt not kill!' Rather, murder is wrong because it causes terrible suffering to the victim, to their family members, friends & acquaintances. Theft is wrong not because some ancient text says, 'Thou shalt not steal!' Rather, theft is wrong because when you lose your property, you feel bad about it. And if an action doesK not cause anyone to feel bad, there can be nothing wrong with it. If the same ancient text says that God commanded us nòt to máke any images of either humans or animals (Exodus 20:4), but I enjoy sculpting such figures and I don't harm anyone in the proces - then whàt cóuld possibly wrong with it? The same kind of logic dominates current debates on homosexuality! If two adult men or women enjoy having sex with one another, and they don't do any hurt or harm to anyone while doing so, why should or could it be wrong, & why would we outlaw it? It is a private matter between these two persons, & they are free to decide about it according to their own personal feelings! Why my father was locked up in '42 behind barbed wire at 28 & shot in '44 at 30? Why was Mor locked up when he didn't want to learn to shoot people on command in '65 & why was I punished in Israel & Jordan in '67 by being imprisoned & having to pay fines? Because the German fascists/nazis occupied Europe & their officials declared using hash 'illegal' and the singing of songs prohibited in wartime as a 'crime' in January & July of the year '67!? Criminals & bureaucrats are thus equally guilty of 'doing wrong', is not it? Injustice seems to rule the world from above & below? Officials probably are even more guilty of committing severe crimes than there are 'wrong' single individuals if you think about it? Good is good and bad is bad: why mix them up all the time in crime & punishment?
Maybe humans are just 'running behind' in our brain & mind, actions & factions, freedom & dictatorship! Just a bit too 'backward' ofzo...

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