35857Ynh Homo Deus 253: Current Administrations

PRICE OF REDUCING EMISSIONS (and slowing growth)
is bequeathed to future administrations?! Even so, it is far from certain
that the USA and other leading mass polluters will ratify the Paris Agreement!?
Too many politicians and voters believe that as long as the economy grows, scientists
and engineers could always save us from doomsday?! When it comes to climate change,
many growth true-believers don't just hope for miracles - they take it for granted that these miracles
wìll hàppen. How rational is it to risk the future of humankind on the assumption that future scientists
wìll máke some as yet still unknown planet saving discoveries? Most of the presidents, ministers & CEOs
who run the world ate very rational people: why are théy só wìlling to táke sùch a dangerous gàmble??
Maybe because théy don't think théy áre gàmbling òn théir own personal future!? Éven ìf bàd cómes to
wòrse & science cannot hold òff the deluge, engineers could still build a hi-tech Noah's Ark for the upper
caste, while leaving billions of others to drown, burn & die from countless pests & hopeless problems?!
The belief in this final hi-tech Enlightened Dark Age Holy Ark ìs cùrrently one of the biggest threats to a
future for humankind and of the entire ecosystem! People who believe in this hi-tech Ark should not be
put in charge of our global ecology, for the same reason that people who believe in a heavenly afterlife
should not be given nuclear weapons! Wie vertrouwt nu nog Putins Rusland, Trumps USA, Boris's UK,
France & China, India, Pakistan, Moord Korea, Islamistisch Iran & all those other proud cruel
violently moordende ISIS~Arabs AND superior Africans, fanatic Indians, sly Asians,
fascistische Amerikanen & al die andere
rare "Europeanen"

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