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AN IRRESISTABLE MOMENTUM?! As long as people assumed
that death is inevitable, they trained themselves from an early age
to suppress the desire to live for ever, or harnessed it in favour of substitute goals!?
People want to live forever, so they compose an 'immortal' symphony, they strive for 'eternal glory' in some war,
or even sacrifice their lives so that their souls wìll 'enjoy everlasting bliss in paradise'. A large part of our artistic
creativity, our political commitment & our religious piety is fuelled by the fear of death?!
Woody Allen, who has made a fabulous career out of the fear of death, was once asked if he hoped to live on for
ever on the silver screen. WA answered that 'I'd rather live on in my apartment!' He went on to add that 'I don't
want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it by not dying!' Eternal glory, nationalist
remembrance ceremonies & dreams of paradise are very poor substitutes for what humans like Allen really want
- NÒT TO DIE! Once people think (with or without good reason) that they have a serious chance of escaping
death, the desire for life will refuse to go on pulling the rickety wagon of art, ideology & religion, and will sweep
forward like an avalanche. If you think that religious fanatics with burning eyes & flowing beards are ruthless,
just wait & see what elderly retail moguls & ageing Hollywood starlets will do when they think the elixir of life is
within reach! Ìf & when science makes significant progress in the war against death, the real battle will shift from
the laboratories to the parliaments, courthouses & streets! Once the scientific efforts are crowned with succes,
they will trigger bitter political conflicts. All the wars & conflicts of history might turn out to be but a pale prelude
for the real struggle ahead of us: the struggle for eternal youth...
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