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The real nemesis of the modern economy
is a total ecological collapse? Both scientific progress
and economic growth do take place within a very brittle biosphere,
and as they gather steam, só the shock waves
destabilise the ecology!

In order to
provide every person,
man, woman and child in this world
with a same standard of living as affluent
"Americans" a.s.o., we would need a few móre planets ~ but for now
we still háve only thìs one?

If progress
& growth dó ènd ùp
destroying the ecosystem,
the cost will be very dear not merely to vampires, foxes and
rabbits, but also to Sapiens! An ecological meltdown wìll cause
extreme economic ruin, vast political turmoil, a great fall
in human standards of living, ànd might threaten
the very existence of any
human civilisation