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You cannot just simply buy your way to salvation. The Pope couldn't possibly
have the authority to forgive people their sins and open the gateways to heaven?
According to Protestant tradition, on 31 October 1517 Luther walked to the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg,
carrying a lengthy document, a hammer & some nails! The document listed 95 theses against contemporary
religious practices, including against the selling of indulgences. Martin Luther nailed it to the church door, thus
sparking the socalled Protestant Reformation, which called upon any Christian who cared about salvation to rebel
against the Pope's authority & search for alternative routes to heaven! From an historical perspective, the spiritual
journey is always tragic, for it is a lonely path fit only for individuals rather than for entire societies. Human coop-
eration requires firm answers rather than just questions, & those who fume against stultified religious structures
in their place. It happened to the dualists, whose spiritual journeys became religious establishments. It happened
to Martin Luther, who after challenging the laws, institutions & rituals of the Catholic Church found himself writing
new law books, founding new institutions & inventing new ceremonies. It even happened to Buddha & Yehoshuah.
In their uncompromising quest for the truth they subverted the laws, rituals and structures of traditional Hinduism
& Judaism?! But eventually more laws, more rituals & more structures were created in their names than in the name
of any other person in history. That's also what Mor Asih Chai met on his ways from Vale Ouwe to the Far East: in
Europe, Italy, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Levanon, Cyprus, Turkey, Sinaï, Gaza, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and
via Nippon, USSR, Birobeidjan, Moscow, Odessa & the Balkan countries. To read & write about it revives the sixties:
Cold Wars, Iron & Bamboo Curtains, uniforms, temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, palaces, ruins & The Road
Again with music, song, dance, walk, talk, smoke, swim, eat, drink, see, hear, smell, touch, prisons, prisoners and
related melodies, meanings, possibilities, explanations, suggestions, things, spirits, animals, people & their 'gods'.