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34882Y174 As The Historian Watches, The Web Of MEA

John's parents die, followed by all his siblings & friends.
Instead of minstrels singing about the crusades, the new fashion now
is stage plays about tragic love affairs? The family castle burns to the ground and,
when it is rebuilt, no trace is found of Grandpa Henry's SWORD! The Church Windows SHATTER
in a winter storm and the replacement glass no longer depicts Godfrey of Bouillon and the sinners in hell,
but rather the great triumph of the King of England over the king of France. The local priest has stopped calling
The POPE 'our holy father' - he is now referred to as 'that devil in Rome'! In the nearby university scholars pore
over Ancient Greek Manuscripts, dissect dead bodies & whisper quietly behind closed doors that perhaps there ìs
nó sùch thìng às the SOUL and the years continue to pass! Where the Castle once stood, there is now a shopping
Mall! In the local Cinema they are screening Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the umpteenth time while in
an empty church a bored vicar is overjoyed to see two Japanese Tourists. He explains at length about the stained-
glass windows, while they politely smile, nodding in complete incomprehension. On the steps outside a gaggle of
Teenagers are playing with their iPhones. They watch a new YouTube remix of John Lennon's 'IMAGINE'? 'Imagine
THERE'S NO HEAVEN,' sings JL, 'IT'S EASY IF YOU TRY'! A Pakistani street cleaner is sweeping the pavement, while
a nearby radio broadcasts the new: the carnage in Syria continues, and the Security Council's meeting has ended in
an impasse. Suddenly a hole in time opens, a mysterious ray of light illuminates the face of one of the teenagers, who
announced: 'I AM GOING TO FIGHT THE INFIDELS AND LIBERATE THE HOLY LAND!' Ìnfidels & Holy Land? These words
no longer carry any meaning for most people in today's England. Even the vicar would probably think the teenager is having
Some Sort Of Psychotic Episode.