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ingeschreven op28 september 2014

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"In this waking nightmare, where all dreams come true,
you searched for control, a way to pull through.
When you were in love you left him in tears,
to smother your furies and banish your fears.

But in darkness they came, through stormy black seas they raided these shores.
Do you still hear his screams?
And now that you're home he's so far away,
They've taken his soul, to these gods you cannot pray.

They can break you, but not your promise,
Even death won't keep you apart.
Through this darkness you will find him,
In your sword still beats a heart.

You fought for love unspoiled by your darkness within,
you fought for your dreams, now there is no way to win.

In the head of his corpse lies the seat of his soul,
so you must carry his vessel and bring him back home."

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice