nieuwe abortusuitspraak pending in de VS

Dit is de reactie die ik wilde posten op de fb post vn de Economist, iemand zei iets van:

" libs lost a lot of support when they pushed to approve the abortion of full term babies. Made their own bed, now get in it..."

>>> If I remember correctly, the Libs did not push for full term baby abortion? The bill was just poorly prepared & the politicians just rolled with it because they did not want to admit it? That's how they looked like to me at least (not American). Any neutral people that are following American politics more closely willing to explain?

EDIT: Yeah I remember the vid now. The politician that was asked questions about the bill did not even know how many trimesters a pregnancy has lmao

So when they asked so full term? She quizzically looked yeah

And then said some empty typical politicians sentences like we will look into it or so. The doctors smth smth thatadvised about it were not present that day so she couldnt ask beforehand or so. She did not realise what a trimester is if I remember correctly.

And now all conserv are saying Libs supportfull term abortions or "horrifically" even during the birth.


I really wish US voters weren't so caught up in their soap opera-style arguments. Following US politics is really confusing when everyone is just out to throw punches instead of having constructive discussions... Everyone in this comment sections is appealing to emotional "arguments"...

Maar het heeft geen zin om dit te posten. Yelling at a wall is just as effective probably...
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