Citaten over zelfredzaamheid #1

Naast mijn tocht naar een beter bewustzijn over de geschiedenis van mijn "roots", begin ik vandaag een dagboekchallenge met de journal prompts over zelfredzaamheid van AoM. Misschien dat ik ook de essay van Emerson ga lezen die de auteur van de blog aanraad, maar ik neig er meer naar om het boek 7habits uit proberen te lezen.

Ga wss pas vanavond journallen ( ) maar ik lees nu even wat meer over de filosofie achter zelfredzaamheid, hoe het gedefinieerd wordt. Ook op dezelfde website. ( )

Ik denk dat ik ermee weg kom om niet te cross referencen over dit onderwerp. Anders voelt het toch meer als werk dan een stukje zelfontwikkeling tijdens mijn vakantie haha. Here goes...

**“Self-trust is the first secret of success, the belief that if you are here the authorities of the universe put you here, and for cause, or with some task strictly appointed you in your constitution, and so long as you work at that you are well and successful. It by no means consists in rushing prematurely to a showy feat that shall catch the eye and satisfy spectators. It is enough if you work in the right direction.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, Society and Solitude

**“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

–Blaise Pascal

**Nietzsche describes a danger of this inability in Thus Spoke Zarathustra: “The lonely one offers his hand too quickly to whomever he encounters.”

**Steve Jobs said:

“If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. You have to be willing to take whatever you’ve done and whoever you were and throw them away. The more the outside world tries to reinforce an image of you, the harder it is to continue to be an artist, which is why a lot of times, artists have to say, ‘Bye. I have to go. I’m going crazy and I’m getting out of here.’ And they go and hibernate somewhere. Maybe later they re-emerge a little differently.”

** “The big question about how people behave is whether they’ve got an Inner Scorecard or an Outer Scorecard…If all the emphasis is on what the world’s going to think about you, forgetting about how you really behave, you’ll wind up with an Outer Scorecard. Now my dad: He was a hundred percent Inner Scorecard guy. He was really a maverick. But he wasn’t a maverick for the sake of being a maverick. He just didn’t care what other people thought.”
–Warren Buffett (Alice Schroeder’s Snowball)

**If you try to play tennis on a beach volleyball court you’re not going to have any fun at all. You’ve got to know the game you’re playing and the score you’re trying to make.

If you don’t know what race you’re running, life is a minefield full of things you should have accomplished by now.
might be having a great day, hop on Facebook, see a friend with a kid which reminds me that my mom wants grandkids and then the shit, I’m supposed to have kids by now section of my brain goes off.

**Most envy or status anxiety has less to do with what we haven’t done and more to do with our lack of focus on what we’re doing. Self-reliance is caring about the game you’re playing, not trying to win all the games. Comparison and competition with others aiming at the same target might be helpful–but only within a limit.

**Self-reliance is rejecting the standards and rules given to you by your biology and by society, deliberately developing your own code, then guiding and evaluating all your actions by this inner scorecard.

**N=1. Self-reliance means that you’re not too caught up in odds. Maybe 90% of the people who try the thing you’re trying fail at it.

This tells us nothing about the population trying the thing. It doesn’t say anything about their knowledge, grit, network, financing, skill, personality, timing, etc.

Another successful investor and entrepreneur, Ben Horowitz, put it this way in The Hard Thing About Hard Things:

“Startup CEOs should not play the odds. When you are building a company, you must believe there is an answer and you cannot pay attention to your odds of finding it. You just have to find it. It matters not whether your chances are nine in ten or one in a thousand: your task is the same.”
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