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You Never Please Everyone

This was huge! It meant that no matter how hard I tried to be good enough and likable enough, there would always be someone that I couldn’t please. I realized that it was absolutely pointless to spend this much energy on what others may or may not think of me. It was exhausting to care so much about their approval.

This realization helped me focus more on nurturing the relationships with others who loved and understood me rather than expending so much of my energy on trying to win over those who didn’t.

These four words have allowed me to live in the best way that I know how, to make decisions based on what I think is best rather than living in fear of what others will think or how others will respond to each choice that I made.

It’s so freeing to realize that no matter how hard we work at trying to make everyone fall absolutely in love with us and absolutely in love with our ideas and absolutely in love with how i live my life, there are going to be some who just don’t see it the way i see it. There are going to be some who do take offense and who get angry and who get hurt and who criticize. And that’s okay. Because it just means that these aren’t the people who are meant to hear our message. It just means that these aren’t the people who are supposed to be walking side-by-side on this journey with us. It just means that they are on a different path.

And now, I’ve realized that it’s okay. It may be that I’m wiser. Or it may be that I’m just a bit more exhausted after years of trying to please so many others. Whatever the reason, I’m happily hanging up my People Pleasing hat and walking away from even trying to make everyone happy. I already feel lighter and freer!

I would love for all of us to embrace these four words to really take them into our soul. To feel the freedom that comes with them. Especially those of us who feel that pleasing others and wanting their approval is as common as breathing. This realization feels like a big, relaxing exhale.

You will never please everyone.

Ever And that’s a good thing. It’s a great thing.


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