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Drowning alive

That drowning feeling with everlasting echo
Is telling us that is here to stay from now
To make life a darker and less vivid space.

It creeps down deeper in your chest and lungs
To find that perfect spot to sit and be one
With its non-suspecting and naive host.

After the path has been illuminated and
Certainty was obtained from a higher level
Of which it is not God they longed for.

Just staying there in a nest of darkness
And despair of a homeless dog in the streets
It becomes one with the host itself.

It has found its place without seeing
The juggernauts that the outer shell is meeting
To try and get that drowning feeling out.

The feeling laughs in the face of it all
Nothing can stop this endless cycle of sadness
Covered with a thick blanket of darkness.

9 juni 2019 - 126x gelezen
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30 jun 2019 20:17 Mijn depressie
09 jun 2019 16:43 Drowning alive
09 jun 2019 15:54 De stemmen in mijn hoofd *trigger waarschuwing*
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