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Texting in english

Maybe i can write my story's in english..
It's good for my languages , for spain.
Everthing that i text, it can't be right, sorry for that!

On this moment, there is no stress in life, and i like that, but hate that on the same moment.
Every time i felt in sleep is the reason that i thinking about all the problems, that i has. Thinking about everthing in life that was no perfect.
And now? Everthing looks perfect, and i hate it.
That disscusion in my head about my exboyfriend, i has that disscussion for months. Now? It's over. Letting go.
I cancel his number, and unfollow him on social media, so i can't stalk him.
I go to spain for 4 months, that's just a dream. And they comes true!
I am that shy girl, more and more. Not so open, i can't trust people not so easy as i did before.
Next month it's my 18th birthday! But than? Everthing is gonna be closer. Live my life on the way that i want.
Always i listen to people, hold family together, and maybe that groups of friends to.

I realize that i did everthing by myself. I make my own choises, and that's where i am now!

Always, i want to make people smiling, a dat smiling is a day not alive.. But now? It's my turn!
That boy that i liked? He's stupid. He's never teksting me and i respect that, life goes on right? He's in that group of friends, and when we were together ? It's was bad for them.

At the moment i am a lucky girl! I have never been so happy in a long time ago. It's right!

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