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Four light bulbs (a challenge)

Just heard on a podcast an interesting way of looking at life.

We each have a limited amount of energy to power 4 light bulbs:

The conundrum lies in the fact that a person has proverbial 100W of energy at a given time, but each light bulb is a 100W bulb. Now how do you divide the energy? Keep them all at 25W and somewhat perform less than optimal or do you switch it up during the day/week/month to keep it up.

In order to journal my progress in life at the moment (for my own sake), I'm going to log my energy distribution over the day for every day for a month. Starting today I'll make an Excell document to make a nice graph and write a short summary of my day and thoughts and post them here.

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10 okt 2018 11:46 Four light bulbs (a challenge)